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have a question? Email us!

If you need assistance as an Absolute provider, member, or parent/guardian; please reach out to us via email.

We have a variety of emails to help guide your requests to the correct department for a prompt response:

Email TechSupport when...

1. SpokeChoice does not load (check to make sure that you are connected to the internet, and using a Chrome/Edge browser, clear cookies/history if necessary). 

2. AutoVisit does not allow you to clock in/clock out (check to make sure that GPS/Location Services are ENABLED on your mobile device).

3. You are locked out of your SpokeChoice account and are unable to recover the passcode.

4. You are locked out of your Paylocity account and are unable to recover the passcode.

**If you are emailing TechSupport in regards to a technology issue, please make sure to include a screenshot of the issue, and provide as much details as possible in regards to your device/browser/settings etc.

Email Payroll when...

1. You believe you have a payroll error (hours, rate, tax error etc.)

2. You need an employment/income verification.

3. You have a question about your garnishment.

4. You have a question about your insurance benefits.

5. You need to change your direct deposit (you can also use the Paylocity self-service portal).

6. You need help with your Sick Time Balance in SpokeChoice.

7. You want copies of your paystubs (you can also use the Paylocity self-service portal).

Email HR when...

1. You want to change your tax withholdings (you can also use the Paylocity self-service portal).

2. Legal name changes or demographic changes (you can also use the Paylocity self-service portal).

3. You need to file or check on a Worker’s Compensation Claim.

4. You want copies of your previous W2s (you can also use the Paylocity self-service portal).

5. You want to submit an employment application or check on your employment references. 

Email your Area Manager when...

1. You can’t clock in to SpokeChoice because your member’s authorizations are incomplete or missing.

2. You need to request overtime, or come off of your overtime adjusted rate.

3. You want to request a rate change.

4. You need to correct a clock in/clock out or session note error.

5. You need your provider documents resent to you via PandaDoc.

6. You are requesting to be placed on a “Leave of Absence” due to an extended period of not working.

7. You want to request additional members or shifts in your area.

8. You need help navigating SpokeChoice.

9. You are unable to sign and approve your provider’s shifts or you have a question about a provider’s shift.

10. You need to submit a training and/or travel timecard.

11. You need a notary for your provider documents.

12. You are looking for a provider or have an issue with your provider.

In general, your Area Manager is your go-to contact for any specific or personal questions and concerns as they directly relate to respite, habilitation, or attendant care services.

Email Expirations when...

1. You need to submit a Criminal History Affidavit, Auto Insurance, Auto Registration, 39 Month Driver’s License Record, or other certificates and credentials for your provider file.

2. You have a question about a suspension or you need assistance lifting a suspension.

3. You want to sign up for a required training class.

4. You want to request a copy of your training certificates (only available after 90 days of employment, otherwise they can be purchased at cost).

5. You received a 90 day or 30 day notice regarding upcoming expirations and you have a question about them.

All other inquiries, or to reach our Community Relations Department, please email

Want to login to SpokeChoice?

Providers should log into SpokeChoice to clock in/clock out, check schedules, view authorizations and write progress notes.

Guardians/Designees should login to SpokeChoice to approve provider hours, check authorizations and view balances. 

Questions about how to use SpokeChoice? Reach out to your Area Manager.

Want to login to Paylocity?

Providers should log into Paylocity to view their personal information, tax documents (W2/W4 etc.), pay rates and check stubs. If you need personal assistance with your documents/pay, please email

Absolute Company ID: 107370