Dear Valued Families and Providers, 

We know that 2020, so far, has been extremely interesting, to say the least. You are all nothing short of superheroes and have accomplished the impossible. We want you to know how proud we are at Absolute HCBS to serve such resilient human beings. 

We have a few upcoming changes that we wanted to proactively inform you about. 

As of Thursday, November 5th, will be replaced with is a similar operating system to and is run by the same web developer. We are working diligently to create support and gather more information to share with you. We have been given very short notice about this change but we are excited to share and prepare you all for the new system. 

These changes needed to be made due to Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) regulations being enforced by AHCCCS.  All Agencies within the state of Arizona will be required to have 100% of their staff in compliance with EVV by January 1, 2021.  We understand some of you have had concerns with EVV in the past.  Please be assured we are prepared to fully support you through this transition with top of the line support and training. You all are our top priorities and we will ensure that all of your needs are met. We even have plans in place for those of you without smartphones or access to other forms of technology and SpokeChoice is fully customizable so we can tailor it to meet individual needs!

If you’re curious about learning more about EVV (Electronic Visit Verification), click here

Please keep in mind, we are not receiving additional funding or support from AHCCCS or DDD in order to make the mandated EVV transitions possible. However, we are excited to offer the chance of winning an iPad if actively participating in the new SpokeChoice system and integrated EVV. All staff and guardians utilizing the system correctly will be entered into the raffle and 4 winners will be selected. More detailed information regarding the iPad raffle will be announced soon! 

Although change and learning a new system is always a challenge, we are positive that the new program (SpokeChoice) will offer many advantages and will make all of our lives easier. Here are some exciting features SpokeChoice offers us: 

  • When a provider arrives at their scheduled shift, they will clock in. 
  • When a provider finishes their scheduled shift, they will clock out.
  • No more written/typed habilitation report forms! Habilitation data will be recorded when you clock out of a habilitation shift.
  • Guardians will no longer need to hassle with signing a physical timesheet! Guardians will approve worked hours via their own account on SpokeChoice.
  • Guardians will have access to a live balance of all authorizations. 
  • SpokeChoice is web browser integrated, you don’t need to mess with an app that needs to be updated. 
  • SpokeChoice is already EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) integrated. 
  • SpokeChoice can be utilized even if you don’t have access to technology.
  • SpokeChoice is more user friendly than DDReports

Support Absolute HCBS will be offering to aid in this transition: 

  • Page on our website solely dedicated to SpokeChoice and EVV support (currently under construction)
    • All training material will be accessible here at all times
    • Frequently Asked Questions will be answered here 
    • A direct chat line to SpokeChoice/EVV support will be located here
  • A dedicated phone line for direct SpokeChoice support (will be provided soon)
  • A dedicated email for direct SpokeChoice Support (
  • 1:1 training available to any providers/guardians that need it
  • Live Zoom sessions scheduled several days a week for questions/training
  • Training pamphlets 
  • Training videos 

Our staff is working diligently to get everything to you. Please be on the lookout for more information and communication from us. Please feel free to respond to this email ( with any questions you may have. We can’t promise that we can answer them just yet, we will work on getting an answer to you as soon as possible. 

We appreciate you working with us and believing in us. You inspire us every day and push us to be better. Thank you for all you do! 


Your Absolute HCBS Family 

Frequently asked Questions


SpokeChoice Resources

We will be adding SpokeChoice resources and guides soon for our providers and members.

In the meantime, please feel free to share your questions and concerns with our Technical Support by emailing or utilizing our chat function.