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Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Absolute HCBS participates in Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) as part of our Qualified Vendor Agreement and AHCCCS contracts. Absolute HCBS has currently chosen SpokeChoice as the compliant EVV platform for all providers and members. While nobody is exempt from EVV compliance, some members may be able to request an accommodation. Please read through the FAQ below to familiarize yourself with EVV and its unique protocols.

Frequently asked questions

EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) is the process of verifying that the caregiver physically arrived at their scheduled shift for a client. For a more detailed explanation, please see the following information that has been taken directly from the AHCCCS (Arizona Health Care Containment System) website (located at

Pursuant to Section 1903 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1396b), also known as the 21st Century Cures Act, in order to prevent a reduction in the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP), AHCCCS is mandated to implement Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for non-skilled in-home services (attendant care, personal care, homemaker, habilitation, respite) by January 1, 2020* and for in-home skilled nursing services (home health) by January 1, 2023.

*AHCCCS has received a one year approval to implement by January 1st, 2021.

The EVV system, must at a minimum, electronically verify the:

  1. Type of service performed
  2. Individual receiving the service
  3. Date of the service
  4. Location of service delivery
  5. Individual providing the service
  6. Time the service begins and ends
Absolute HCBS has been participating in EVV since 2020. Providers utilize EVV software to clock in, clock out, write visit summaries and request sick time. Parents, Guardians and members can utilize the EVV software to approve shifts/sign timecards, track authorizations and manage their caregiver’s schedule. Absolute HCBS is currently utilizing SpokeChoice for EVV compliance.

SpokeChoice is the electronic system that Absolute HCBS has chosen to use to be EVV complaint. 

SpokeChoice is the name of the platform that providers use to clock in/clock out of shifts and guardians use to approve shifts etc. Within SpokeChoice, a program called AutoVisit captures the location of the visit. AutoVisit is an AHCCCS compliant EVV solution.  

Paylocity is the payroll system that we use. Providers login to Paylocity to view paychecks, update personal information, view and edit tax documents, view rates etc. 

Login to Paylocity with company code: 107370

SpokeChoice is the the electronic system that Absolute HCBS uses for time tracking and EVV compliance. Providers use SpokeChoice to view shifts, clock in/clock out etc. 

Paylocity is the online payroll system. You use your Paylocity login to view your pay stubs, view or edit your tax forms, update your personal information etc.

A majority of our providers utilize a mobile device or tablet to clock in/clock out. Clock in/clock outs on a laptop of desktop computer may not be EVV compliant. In general, any tablet or phone that is connected to the internet (or mobile data) will allow you to clock in/clock out on SpokeChoice. In order to clock in/clock out, location services must be enabled on the device.

Absolute HCBS does not provide mobile devices.

SpokeChoice can be accessed through a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. SpokeChoice is not compatible with Safari on mobile devices.

The following exceptions are the only allowances given by AHCCCS in order to support those who may not be able to utilize traditional EVV utilizing a smart device. The following information has been taken directly from the AHCCCS (Arizona Health Care Containment System) website (located at:

The provider shall explain the EVV device options available to the member.  EVV device options will vary depending on the EVV system the provider utilizes.

Per AMPM Policy 540, paper timesheets may be allowable under the following circumstances:

  1.       Individuals for whom both the DCW and the member live in geographic areas with limited intermittent or no landline, cell, and internet service,
  2.     Individuals for whom the use of electronic devices would cause adverse physical or behavioral health side effects/symptoms,
  3.       Individuals electing not to use other visit verification modalities on the basis of moral or religious grounds, and
  4.     Individuals with a live-in caregiver or caregiver accessible on-site 24 hours and for whom the use of other visit verification modalities would be burdensome.
  5.       Individuals who need to have their address and location information protected for a documented safety concern (i.e. witness protection or domestic violence victim).  

This attestation shall be reviewed at least annually to ensure the member’s circumstance and EVV device decision has not changed.  The member can make a change to begin using a different EVV device at any time without waiting for the annual review.  

The member/designee and provider agency are required to sign a standardized AHCCCS attestation statement to document the allowance for the use of paper timesheets.

These are currently the only exceptions being given by AHCCCS.

Yes, agencies, providers, and guardians are required to comply with EVV requirements.  Every HCBS agency contracted with DDD or AHCCCS utilizes an EVV system. At Absolute HCBS, we use a program called SpokeChoice. Other agencies may use SpokeChoice, or another compliant program such as Wellsky, SanData, Therapy Corner etc.

Members may qualify for an alternative EVV system when one or more of the following is true for the member requesting the EVV accommodation: 

1. When the provider and the member live in a geographic area with limited, intermittent or no landline, cell, and internet service;

 2. When the use of electronic devices would cause adverse physical or behavioral health side effects/symptoms to the member;

3. When the electronic visit verification modalities is refused by the member on the basis of moral or religious grounds; 

4. When a member has a live-in provider or has a provider accessible on-site 24 hours and for whom the use of other visit verification modalities would be burdensome. 

If the member is approved for EVV accommodations based on one or more of the above criteria by the DDD Support Coordinator, then will utilize paper time sheets with a fixed device located within their home that can independently verify the date and time of service. These accommodations are limited and must be reviewed annually. All providers who work with the eligible member must participate in the alternative system when providing their services. All services must start and stop in the members home (where the device is located) in this case.

This is a requirement of EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) being upheld by AHCCCS. It is only an approximate snapshot of your location during clock in/clock out. The provider is not geotagged or “tracked” during the shift.

SpokeChoice can be operated with WiFi or mobile data. To clock in for an EVV compliant visit, you must have access to WiFi or mobile ata. If you do not have access to WiFI or mobile when clocking out, then the application will continue to keep the shift clocked in. Providers can still log shifts that are affected by WiFi or mobile data issues by requesting a visit exception from the “Forgot Clock In/Clock Out” shifts or “Request Visit Change” menu options. Please note that visit exceptions should be limited and on a truly as needed basis.

Yes, services can be completed in the member’s home or community. You can clock in at one location and end services at a different location. Services can only given within the state of Arizona. Out of state services require approval from the agency and DDD Support Coordinator.

No, SpokeChoice does not track providers during their shifts. In order for a visit to be EVV compliant, a snapshot of their location is taken during clock in/clock out only. This allows the designee to confirm that the provider is where they say they are supposed to be when starting or stopping billing. None of the EVV systems track location during the shift. 

Yes, providers are able to submit a clock in/clock out revision request within SpokeChoice by either clicking “Forgot Clock In/Forgot Clock Out” within 2 days of the missed shift, or clicking “Request Visit Change” to change the clock in/clock out time. If it has been more than 2 days since the missed shift, providers have to ask their Area Manager to enter the shift information. Exemptions should be limited. If a provider has more than 5 forgotten shifts or edited clock in/clock outs, they will be counseled by their Area Manager. 

Providers can take the following steps to reduce their shift exemptions:

1. Use an alarm or timer for when its time to clock in/clock out.

2. Start writing your service notes a few minutes prior to the clock out time (or as you go), so that you don’t miss the clock out time.

3. Use the scheduling feature within SpokeChoice.

4. Keep practicing compliance, the more you participate in EVV the easier clocking in/clocking out gets! 

It is an essential job duty for providers to clock in/clock out correctly.

Providers with 5 or more clock in/clock out exemptions (errors) will be counseled by their Area Managers. Together you will come up with strategies to minimize exemptions.

Shifts are preferably reviewed and approved daily. We understand that this is not always possible. At a minimum, all shifts clocked by a provider must be approved by 10am on the 16th and 1st of every month to ensure the provider is paid on time. If the guardian fails to approve the provider’s shifts, the provider will not be paid on the originally scheduled date.

No, we do not have the authority to pay you for shifts that are not approved or unapproved by the guardian/designee. Ensure the designee has approved your hours by 10am on the 1st and 16th of every month. We suggest that the designee does this daily to ensure their provider is paid.

Approving shifts in SpokeChoice:

  1. Login to SpokeChoice. If you are both a guardian and a provider, use the button with three dots in the top right corner to toggle between the provider/guardian roles.
  2. Select “Portal”
  3. Under “Service Approvals” you will see the shifts and shift information. Check the boxes to approve the shifts individually or select “Approve All” to approve all shifts.

No. AHCCCS will not allow a parent provider to approve their own working hours. A designee must be assigned that lives in the same household to approve hours (aged 13+; could be a sibling, spouse, partner etc.) If there is no one eligible or available in the same household, an exception can be made for a designee to be a neighbor, close friend etc.

We will do our best to notify providers and guardians when SpokeChoice is not functioning properly. This sometimes happens. If you are experiencing an unknown SpokeChoice issue that prohibits you from clocking in/out, please screenshot it and email the issue to Shifts affected by SpokeChoice outages do not count towards your exemptions.

If you aren’t able to clock in/clock out; ensure that you enable location services on your mobile/electronic device. 

When you first log in to SpokeChoice, you will be prompted to turn on location services if they aren’t detected. Click “yes” or “enable”. If you do not see this message, you can enable the gps/location services in your device’s settings menu. 

Remember, SpokeChoice does not geotag or “track” you during a shift. It simply captures your location during clock in/clock out. Services can be rendered anywhere within Arizona.

SpokeChoice has a “Learning Center” on the page homepage that provides you with a basic program overview. 

If you would like additional assistance, providers and guardians can always reach out their Area Managers.

No, but you can save the website to your phone home screen as a shortcut or bookmark.

If you forget your password you can recover it by following the prompts on the log in screen. Select “Forgot Password” to reset it. If you are locked out of your account, contact for additional assistance.

Travel and training time are not subject to EVV compliance and therefore will still be submitted to your Area Manager by emailing a copy of the standard training or travel time sheets.

Please use SpokeChoice to submit Sick Time. Sick Time can only be used during a regularly scheduled shift. When you click “AutoVisit”, instead of clocking in/clocking out, you will select “Request Sick Time” and follow the prompts.

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SpokeChoice Login

Visit SpokeChoice to clock in/clock out or approve shifts, and more.

SpokeChoice Support

For SpokeChoice technical difficulties, please screenshot the issue and submit it to

For user assistance, providers and guardians can reach out to their Area Manager for assistance.