Our providers are trustworthy, dependable, and compassionate.

Absolute HCBS providers perform respite, habilitation and attendant care services for members with developmental and intellectual disabilities. While each member has a unique service plan with varying day-to-day activities, providers may have similar questions about how it works or what is expected from them. It is imperative that we deliver our services with a person-centered approach, in accordance with the guidelines set forth by each member’s Person-Centered Service Plan (PCSP). Providers will develop close-knit relationships with their members and families, and it is important to remember professional versus personal boundaries. Follow our “Provider Dos and Don’ts” to get a clear idea of how to maintain the integrity of our member’s services.

Provider Dos

  • Do report incidents to your supervisor immediately.
  • Do log your hours into your phone or computer daily.
  • Do thorough reporting of habilitation progress, using full sentences and complete summaries for each visit.
  • Do contact your supervisor if ever in doubt.
  • Do show up on time and have courtesy for guardians by contacting them when you may miss a shift.
  • Do provide each service in accordance with DDD policies.
  • Do keep and professional and encouraging attitude.
  • Do communicate with your supervisor regularly.
  • Do treat your clients with dignity at all times.
  • Do keep up with certifications and renew well before expiration dates.
  • Do let your supervisor know if you are planning on taking a leave of absence for school, work or personal reasons. Seasonal employment is acceptable, just let us know when you are and aren’t working.
  • Do submit travel timecards when traveling directly from one member to another member within the agency. Travel time does count towards your weekly limit.
  • Do have fun and build a meaningful relationship with your member.
  • Do allow yourself ample time to write progress reports when clocking out for ATC and HAH hours.
  • Do ask that your guardian sign off and approve shifts as soon as possible. Always ensure that your shifts are approved by the guardian no later than the 1st and 16th of each month by 10am.
  • Do follow Absolute HCBS on social media for up to date information and resources regarding agency practices, updates and community events.
  • Do set alarms and reminders for clocking in and out of SpokeChoice appropriately. Minimize the amount of times you have clock in/clock out exceptions, so that you are following all EVV requirements.

Provider Don'ts

  • Don’t borrow or lend money.
  • Don’t care for the DDD member’s siblings.
  • Don’t provide new services or start working with a new client without supervisor approval. Ensure all paperwork is appropriately filed before services.
  • Don’t allow members to jump on trampolines without direct supervision or swim in pools without certified lifeguards. When swimming, you must be in the pool with the member.
  • Don’t cross professional boundaries.
  • Don’t change habilitation objectives or report on unexpected outcomes.
  • Don’t take members to your home (unless your home is an approved service location).
  • Don’t run personal errands while providing services.
  • Don’t use your cell phone while providing services.
  • Don’t text and drive.
  • Don’t drive members who have not signed the Transportation Agreement.
  • Don’t transport members in a vehicle that does not have air conditioning. Never leave a member alone in a vehicle.
  • Don’t perform one service but log a different service.
  • Don’t clock in with one client while providing services for another.
  • Don’t clock in with multiple agencies at the same time. Don’t clock in with the same member at different agencies at the same time.
  • Don’t clock in with multiple members at our agency without prior approval.
  • Don’t work overtime without prior approval.
  • Don’t work or bill while suspended, or on a leave of absence.
  • Don’t bill more than 16 hours in a 24 hour period, regardless of however many clients you have or agencies you work for.