Provider Do’s

  • Do report incidents to your supervisor immediately.
  • Do log your hours into your phone or computer daily.
  • Do thorough reporting of habilitation progress.
  • Do contact your supervisor if ever in doubt.
  • Do show up on time and have courtesy for guardians by contacting them when you may miss a shift.
  • Do provide each service in accordance with DDD policies.
  • Do keep and professional and encouraging attitude.
  • Do communicate with your supervisor regularly.
  • Do treat your clients with dignity at all times.
  • Do keep up with certifications and renew well before expiration dates.

*This list was created as a quick reference, and is not intended to be comprehensive. Refer to the handbook or paperwork received at time of hire for complete information. If you have any questions, contact your supervisor.

Provider Don’ts

  • Don’t borrow or lend money.
  • Don’t care for the DDD member’s siblings.
  • Don’t provide new services or start working with a new client without supervisor approval.
  • Don’t allow members to jump on trampolines or swim in pools without lifeguards.
  • Don’t cross professional boundaries.
  • Don’t add or change habilitation objectives without supervisor approval.
  • Don’t take members to your home.
  • Don’t run personal errands while providing services.
  • Don’t use your cell phone while providing services.
  • Don’t perform one service but log a different service.

Frequently asked Provider Questions

Where can I access my pay stubs/W-2’s?

Pay stubs and W-2’s are available through Paylocity. For instructions on setting up your account, please contact your area manager. For instructions on setting up your account, contact your area manager.

Why can’t I enter my hours into SpokeChoice?

There are several reasons you might not be able to enter your hours on SpokeChoice. Possible reasons could include: your client’s authorization has expired and a new auth is not in yet; you are trying to enter a shift that would put you over the client’s weekly allotment of that service; the shift you are trying to enter would put you over your weekly max of workable hours; or your shift may overlap with another shift already entered (by you or another provider). If in doubt, call your area manager.

When are timesheets due and when will I be paid?

Billing periods are the 1st – 15th with time sheets due by 10 am on the 16th; and the 16th – last day of the month with time sheets and any reports due by 10 am on the 1st of the following month. The due dates are always the same regardless of weekends or holidays. Here is a list of scheduled paydays assuming you have submitted your paperwork properly and on time.

How do I handle different member, guardian and area manager requests?

My member’s guardian is asking me to do things that are different than what my area manager told me. What do I do?

This is often simply a misunderstanding. First reassure the guardian that you are there to help but clarification is needed before you act on the request. Then reach out to your area manager and go over the details of what is being asked. Your area manager can connect with you and the guardian to explain why something may or may not be appropriate. Communication is key. When in doubt, ask.

May I work more hours with another client?

Yes! You may work up to 40 hours a week by working with additional clients who have a complimentary schedule to your current client. Contact your area manager for the most up to date opportunities.

How do I get my home certified?

Contact your area manager. We will submit a request to the state for a representative to come and inspect your home. Be ready by printing off the life safety inspection checklist available here.

What do I do if I suspect that someone has filed unemployment on my behalf? 

If you suspect Unemployment Fraud please report to DES utilizing this link.

Provider Resources

Application for Employment
Time sheet due dates/pay dates 2023
Incident report

Sample emergency evacuation plan
Transport Permission and Automobile Safety Checklist
Pre-service provider orientation
Travel time sheet & Instructions
Life safety checklist
Training time sheet & Instructions
Electronic Signatures

Scanning with a Mobile Device

False Claims Act Policies

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time. Check back soon!

Latest News

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Benefits

As a result of the ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funding that Absolute HCBS has received from the State of Arizona, we are able to provide a variety of bonuses and incentives to our dedicated providers until the culmination of the month of December 2022 (or until budget allows if the increase surpasses the budgetary threshold allowable per ARPA). All ARPA funds must be dispersed on or prior to 12/31/22. See our current funding plan outlined below.

Any questions about ARPA Bonuses & Incentives should be directed to Kendra Verdoni, Business Manager (

Hourly Rate Bonus

All providers will automatically receive a temporary rate bonus of $3.00 per hour per pay period through the end of the year!

This means that our minimum rates are: $16.00 per hour for respite, $16.25 per hour for attendant care, and $18.80 per hour for habilitation. 

*Note, these rates are inclusive of a $3 per hour per service ARPA bonus. Base rates remain the same at $13.00 per hour for respite, $13.25 per hour for attendant care, and $15.80 per hour for habilitation.

If you provide HSK, HAH2, RSP2 or RSP3; you will also receive the $3 per hour increase. All providers will receive a $3 per hour bonus on their current rates, including overtime employees. 

This rate increase is temporary and will be retroactive from May 1st, 2022 and end on December 15th, 2022. Sick, training, and travel time are not included.

How will the service bonus be paid?
  • Providers will be receiving 2 direct deposits (or paper checks) for each pay period from now until the end of the year.
  • The first deposit (or paper check) will reflect your base pay rates and the hours you worked.
  • The second deposit (or paper check) will be the ARPA bonus less the supplemental wages tax rate, equivalent to the $3 per hour per service billed that pay period.
    • For example: A provider works 20 hours of HAH and 5 hours of ATC in a pay period at their base rates. Their first check would reflect compensation for 20 hours of HAH and 5 hours of ATC at their base rates, less federal & state taxes. The second check would reflect the bonus compensation for 25 total hours at a $3 per hour rate, less the supplemental wage taxes.
  • SpokeChoice will not reflect any rate changes pertaining to the ARPA funding, please log in to your Paylocity account to view your paystub and the $3 per hour per service bonus.
  • If you are eligible for one of the bonus programs, such as a $400 Provider Referral or $100 Return to Work bonus, it will be included in the second deposit (or paper check) less the supplemental wages tax rate.

If you work for multiple agencies, you may notice other agencies processing their ARPA hourly incentives differently. Each agency has their own payroll procedures for processing these bonuses to their providers. Because the $3 per hour per service bonus is subject to the supplemental wages tax rate, Absolute HCBS decided to process it as an additional paycheck each pay period in order to remain compliant and not add undo stress on our providers when it comes time to file taxes.

Provider Referral Bonus

Current providers can earn a referral bonus for each new provider they bring to Absolute:

  • $400 for each new provider referral

*Terms & Conditions: Valid for new referrals given between 5/1/22-10/31/22 only, and the bonus will be awarded after the new provider has been with the agency for at least 60 days. This referral must be redeemed by the current provider within 90 days of the new provider’s start date.  If you are referring multiple providers, you must file the referral paperwork separately for each referral. You can find the referral paperwork here or in your Paylocity portal under “Company” to give to your Area Supervisor.

New & Returning Provider Hiring Bonuses

New providers and returning providers are eligible for a hiring bonus.

  • The “Ready to Work” bonus: $100*
    • Who is eligible? New hires that apply with current copies of their basic certifications (First Aid, CPR, Article 9, Fingerprint clearance card).  New hires who are ready to work, must also be able to complete all onboarding paperwork within 2 weeks.
  • The “Return to Work” bonus: $100*
    • Who is eligible? Current Absolute providers with active SpokeChoice accounts who have not billed in the past 90 days, and are in good standing, are eligible when they begin billing services again for at least 60 days. Providers who have previously worked for Absolute and/or have expired certifications are also eligible for rehire under the terms of this bonus, provided that they left Absolute HCBS in good standing and have not been billing for the past 90 days at Absolute.

*Terms & Conditions: Valid for new hires/returning hires between 5/1/22-10/31/22 only, and the bonus will be awarded after the new hire/returning hire has actively worked for the agency for at least 60 days. This referral must be redeemed by the provider within 90 days of their return to work/start date. The hiring bonuses cannot be combined with each other, and only one hiring bonus may be redeemed by a provider between 5/1/22-10/31/22. You can find the referral paperwork here or in your Paylocity portal under “Company” to give to your Area Supervisor.

Additional Client & Coverage Bonuses
  • Option 1 – $100 bonus awarded to any provider who works with an additional existing client. This bonus has no minimum shift requirements, just the expectation that the provider will provide services to the member based on a mutual scheduling agreement between the provider and the member for at least 60 days.
    • For example, if you already work with Client A, and then you begin working with Client B, then you would be eligible for this bonus after 60 days of billing Clients A & B on your caseload.
  • Option 2 – $400 bonus awarded to any provider who works with an additional existing client from our high-priority client needs list. Our client needs list currently has over 50 individuals on it waiting for services, and is constantly updated by Area Supervisors. To be eligible for this bonus, the provider must be able to provide full shift coverage for the member (shifts vary from member to member) for at least 90 days.
    • Absolute will provide additional provider training required for performing services.
    • Area Supervisors can only discuss current clients on the needs list and their pertinent details over the phone (not email). Please call your supervisor if you would like to participate.

*Terms & Conditions: Client Needs Bonuses are valid between 5/1/22-10/31/22 only. Providers cannot redeem both bonuses together under the same conditions, but they can be redeemed separately for separate members and only one time per additional member. The provider is responsible for submitting the ARPA Bonus Request form to their Area Supervisor, and the bonus will be paid after 60 days (for Option 1) or 90 days (for Option 2) of billing. Providers who do not fulfill the minimum requirements of either bonus option will not be eligible to receive the bonus.

Fingerprint Clearance Card Reimbursement

Absolute HCBS will be reimbursing all Level One Fingerprint Clearance cards that were newly obtained/renewed between May 1, 2022 – December 15th, 2022. 

Current and new providers can request reimbursement after at least 60 days of employment from the date of your fingerprint card application or renewal. 

*Terms & Conditions: Up to $76, copies of your receipts are required, providers are responsible for submitting the ARPA Bonus Request Form to their Area Supervisor. This reimbursement can be obtained only once per provider.

End of Year Retention Bonus

At the end of the year ALL Absolute HCBS providers who are in good standing will be receiving an End of Year Retention Bonus. 

This bonus will be awarded in December, as a thank you for your continued employment.
*Terms & Conditions: All providers who are in good standing and have actively billed up until 11/30/22 are automatically eligible for this bonus. You do not need to apply for this bonus, it will be automatically added onto your check!

The ARPA Bonus Request Form can also be found online in your Paylocity portal under “Company”.

Ongoing Provider Benefits

Absolute HCBS providers can enjoy these additional employment benefits!

Paid Training & Training Time

Absolute HCBS is happy to provide necessary training for our providers at initial onboarding or during renewals. Required training may vary from service to service or member to member.

Depending on which services you provide or which members you serve, you may require additional training. All providers are required to have the following minimum training: CPR, First Aid, and Article 9.

After 90 days, providers may request free copies of their certificates from their supervisor.

Paid Travel Time

Absolute HCBS provides paid travel time for providers who are providing services 2 or members outside of their homes per workday. Only travel time between two members locations is permitted, and the travel must be direct.

Paid Sick Time

Absolute HCBS provides 1 hour of paid sick time for every 30 hours worked. Your accrued sick time can be found in your Paylocity account. Providers can earn up to 40 hours of sick time per calendar year. Unused sick time will roll over from year to year (up to 40 hours per year). You may use 40 hours of sick time per year.

Give and get high fives!

Get and give High Fives! Send a shout out to your member or a fellow provider by texting or emailing your Area Manager with what they did that deserves a High Five! Did the member reach a new goal or get a star at school? Did the provider drive extra far to take their member to a special event or cover a shift they normally don’t do? Each week we will select a handful to receive High Fives and they will be entered into a monthly drawing where winners may receive movie tickets, a gift card, or other prizes!