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Helping you find the right provider, Absolute HCBS works in Arizona with you providing habilitation, respite, attendant care, and more.
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Our Services

We are here for you
Our Support Process

Regardless of where you are during your journey, we have support for you. If you are just applying for assistance through the state, looking for a new provider, or curious about other services that your family may be eligible for.

 CONTACT US — today to see how we can assist.

Our Commitment to the Journey

Through every step, our focus remains on you and your family. We know it’s hard to let someone into your home and our team will provide support every step of the way. We are involved in the community and look forward to being a part of every milestone.

Every day we work with you embracing the journey. Our dedicated team, the office, and our passionate providers across Arizona provide support through your journey and home and community based services to individuals in Arizona that are eligible for DDD assistance.

Habilitation is a service designed to help individuals to learn daily living skills to help them become more independent. We work on goals and objectives with each consumer ranging from learning to tie shoes or using the bathroom to riding the bus to work. Strategies for goals and objectives are written for each consumer based on his/her needs and are highly individualized.

Respite simply gives the parent/guardian a chance to have time to accomplish things that would ordinarily be much more difficult while caring for someone with a disability.  Respite can be used to have a date night or for a chance to take the individual out for them to have some fun in the community.

Attendant Care is non-medical personal care assistance.  This assistance may include helping the consumer get dressed, eat, use the bathroom, help with hygiene, light cleaning, and laundry. 

Person Centered Planning is a plan that gives an outline for each consumer.  It is highly individualized and involves many hours of interviews to map out where the individual has been and where the individual envisions themselves as they grow older.