Our members deserve consistent, quality, and compassionate services.

Members who receive their respite, habilitation and attendant care services  at Absolute HCBS are met with a person-centered approach to home and community-based services from initial interaction to service delivery. for members with developmental and intellectual disabilities. While service plans may vary from member to member based on their needs and preferences, we will help every member match to a provider of their choosing, so that they develop meaningful and equitable relationships with their providers. All services are provided in accordance to the member’s Person Centered Service Plan (PCSP) . While members will develop close-knit relationships with their providers, and it is important to remember professional versus personal boundaries. Follow our “Member Dos and Don’ts” to get a clear idea of how to maintain the integrity of your member’s services.

Member Dos

  • Do contact your Area Manager if your provider is not performing satisfactory services.
  • Do let your Area Manager know if there are any changes in services or changes to the PCSP.
  • Do communicate with your provider if there are any changes in services or changes in your schedule.
  • Do encourage your provider when you catch them doing something well.
  • Do look over service data carefully for accuracy before authorizing them in SpokeChoice.
  • Do remember to authorize and sign off on your provider’s shifts daily, and at a minimum on or before the 1st and 16th of every month by 10am.
  • Do invite your provider and Area Manager to PCSP meetings. We can help you advocate for additional services, maintain current services, or write new objectives. 
  • Do let your provider know of any family preferences, including cultural, religious or day-to-day practices that impact your services.
  • Do communicate with your Area Manager if you are needing additional or emergency coverage. 
  • Do complete all paperwork in a timely manner to keep your member’s file up to date (including but not limited to back-up plans, transportation agreements etc.)
  • Do be kind and courteous to your provider, treat them with dignity and respect. 

Member Don'ts

  • Don’t borrow or lend money.
  • Don’t ask providers to perform duties not in accordance with your DDD approved services, such as watching other children or caring for other family members.
  • Don’t allow your member to jump on the trampoline without supervision or swim without a lifeguard on duty while services are being performed.
  • Don’t add or change habilitation goals without first contacting your member’s Support Coordinator. You need to sign a change in PCSP form and then send it to the member’s Area Manager.
  • Don’t ask your providers to babysit other children in the home who are not DDD members, even if you offer them additional money.
  • Don’t start a new service without verifying authorization of services with your Area Manager.
  • Don’t cross professional boundaries.
  • Don’t tip providers in any form: money, gift certificates, etc.
  • Don’t assume your provider is available for on-call services, ensure that you utilize the scheduling feature within SpokeChoice or communicate your needs clearly to the provider with ample time. 
  • Don’t allow your provider to bill more than 16 hours in a 24 hour day. This does not mean the member cannot receive continuous care, it just means that the care must be performed by 2+ providers in a 24 hour period. 
  • Don’t approve shifts clocked in/clocked out by your provider that you are unable to verify or did not happen. 
  • Don’t approve shifts clocked in/clocked out by a provider while out of state without prior approval.