Our providers are a valuable part of the Absolute HCBS team. Learn more about opportunities for current providers today!
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Provider Do’s & Dont’s


–Do report incidents to your supervisor immediately

–Do log your hours into your phone or computer daily

–Do thorough reporting of Habilitation progress

–Do contact your supervisor if ever in doubt

–Do show up on time and have courtesy for guardians by contacting them when you may miss a shift

–Do provide each service in accordance with DDD policies

–Do keep a professional and encouraging attitude

–Do communicate with your supervisor regularly

–Do treat your clients with dignity at all times

–Do keep up with certifications and renew well before expiration dates


–Don’t borrow or lend money

–Don’t care for DDD member’s siblings

–Don’t provide new services or start working with a new client without supervisor approval

–Don’t allow members to jump on trampolines or swim in pools without lifeguards

–Don’t cross professional boundaries

–Don’t add or change Habilitation objectives without supervisor approval

–Don’t take members to your home

–Don’t run personal errands while providing services

–Don’t use your cell phone while providing services

–Don’t perform one service but log a different service

*This list is created as a quick reference, and is not intended to be comprehensive. Refer to the handbook or paperwork received at the time of hire for complete information. If you have any questions, please contact your area manager.


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    Provider Resources


    Time Sheet Due Dates / Pay Dates

    Pre-Service Provider Orientation

    Incident Report

    Travel Time Sheet

    Emergency Evacuation Plan

    Life Safety Checklist

    Automobile Safety Inspection

    Training Time Sheet


    We are always looking for more great people to join our family!

    If you refer a fellow provider, we will give you a $50 bonus after they have worked for 60 days. If you refer a new member (that you are not working with), we will give you a $100 bonus as soon as we receive their current authorization. Refer a provider and a client who are already matched, and we will give you a $100 bonus once we receive the current authorization and another $50 after they have worked together for 60 days.  If you know someone who might be interested in becoming a provider, please contact your area manager.