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Want to login to SpokeChoice?

Providers should log into SpokeChoice to clock in/clock out, check schedules, view authorizations and write progress notes.

Guardians/Designees should login to SpokeChoice to approve provider hours, check authorizations and view balances. 

Questions about how to use SpokeChoice? Reach out to your Area Manager.

Want to login to Paylocity?

Providers should log into Paylocity to view their personal information, tax documents (W2/W4 etc.), pay rates and check stubs. If you need personal assistance with your documents/pay, please email

Absolute Company ID: 107370

Absolute HCBS Provider Resources & Information

Provider How-To Guides

Providers request sick time in SpokeChoice. To request Sick Time, please follow the prompts:

1. Select “AutoVisit”

2. Select “Request Sick Time”

3. Select the date/time you are requesting sick time

4. Submit the request

Please note that providers earn 1 hour of sick time for every 30 hours billed, up to 40 hours annually. Sick time does not roll over. Sick time must be used for regular shifts, and cannot supplement regularly scheduled shifts (in other words, be billed for the sake of being billed). 

Travel time can only be billed when you are traveling directly from one member to another member. Travel time does count towards a 40 hour work week, and is not included or eligible for overtime. View the Travel Timecard & Instructions here.

Training time can be billed when you are participating in a training class that is required for your initial or reoccurring provider certifications. Training time counts towards your 40 hour weekly limit and is not eligible for overtime. View the Training Timesheet & Instructions here.

Providers can view, print, or download any paystub in the Paylocity portal. Login using your credentials and the Company ID 107370. Pay stubs can be found under the middle section “Pay”. You will see the last 4 pay stubs, click on the date to access the pay stub in detail. Use the filter option to view other paystubs within this section.

If you believe you have a payroll error, please email

Providers can access their W-2s in the Paylocity portal. Login using your credentials and the company ID 107370. W-2s can be found under “Tax Documents” on the self-service portal.

W-2s can be found under the middle section “Pay” in the self-service portal, click on the “more” tab in the bottom right corner of the pay tab, then click tax forms. From there you can download your current tax documents. If you need to adjust your tax withholdings, you can also do that in Paylocity under the same “more” tab. Click on View/Edit Tax Setup.

Please note, the Paylocity app can be accessed in Spanish.

Providers can add, update or change your direct deposit in the Paylocity portal. Login using your credentials and the Company ID 107370. Direct deposit can be found under the middle section “Pay” in the self service portal, click on the “more” tab in the bottom right corner of the pay tab, then click direct deposit accounts. You may also fill out and email the Direct Deposit Authorization Form to

Providers can enroll in a comprehensive and robust benefits program that features medical, dental and vision coverage if they are active, full-time employees who work 30+ hours per week. Open enrollment is September 1st-15th of each year and the benefits year spans Oct 1-Sept 30th.

New hires are eligible to participate in the benefits program after a 12-month lookback period. They can begin their enrollment on the first day of the month after 30 calendar days following the 12-month lookback period.

Plan coverage terminates at the end of the month in which the provider terminates their employment or is considered no longer eligible under the plan’s provisions. 

Changes to benefit plans can only occur during open enrollment, or if there is a Qualifying Life Event (QLE). Providers have 30 days to notify of your Qualifying Life Event if it impacts your benefit status. Changes in coverage become effective on the date of the QLE or the first day of the next month. Verification of the QLE is required.

Please read the Open Enrollment/Benefits Guide for additional information.

Providers may encounter a variety of SpokeChoice errors. 

If you are locked out of your SpokeChoice account, receiving a location error when clocking in/out, or SpokeChoice is generally malfunctioning/not loading, please reach out to for resolution assistance. For scheduled SpokeChoice updates, we will do our best to send prior notification out to all providers.

If you can’t clock in or out because there is an authorization error, if there is an issue with your member’s goals, or if you need to make a manual edit to a shift, please reach out to your Area Manager.

Please ensure that the guardian is approving/verifying your shifts on a daily basis within SpokeChoice. At a minimum, all shifts must be verified by the guardian/designee no later than 10am on the 1st and 16th of every month. Late verifications will adversely affect your ability to be paid on time, and repeated offenses may result in disciplinary action.

If you would like confirmation that your hours have been processed, please go to your SpokeChoice account and select “AutoVisit” and then “Timecard” to check the status of your shifts. If the status states “Pending Guardian Approval” it means that the guardian/designee still needs to verify your shifts. We cannot process your shifts until this has been completed. Please coordinate with the member’s guardian to have your shifts approved before the payroll deadlines.

If the status states “Pending Admin Approval” then that means your Area Manager is working on processing your shifts. When status changes to “Approved” it means your shift has been submitted to payroll and you will be paid on the scheduled payday. 

If a member experiences an emergency during your shift, please notify your Area Manager as soon as possible (preferably within 24 hours) to initiate an Incident Report.  Your Area Manager will help you in filling out the Incident Report. 

Member emergencies are instances where the member’s health and safety are at risk or the member poses a health and safety risk to others. Examples of emergencies include but are not limited to: falls, medical events (like a diabetic episode, seizures, anytime you call 911), extreme behaviors (such as self-harming/self-injurious, biting, hitting, scratching, property destruction etc.), elopement, verbal threats or harassment, community safety issues (such as flood, fire, active shooter etc.), life-threatening injuries or death.

If a situation arises and you are unsure if you should report it, reach out to your Area Manager for additional guidance. 

Per DDD guidelines, all providers and administrators of Absolute HCBS are mandatory reporters. In the event of known or suspected abuse, neglect, or fraud; you are obligated to report this information to your Area Manager as it poses a health and safety risk to the member.

Home and community-based services can be performed anywhere that the member naturally would be (home, work, school, social settings etc.) In the event that a provider wants to bring their member back to their own residence or if they are using their own home as an overnight respite location, they would need to have their home certified. 

The Office of Licensing, Certification and Regulation (OLCR) is responsible for issuing HCBS Certification for home certifications. The provider would be sponsored by the agency as a contractor, and they would need to adhere to the LCR-1036A (Life Safety Inspection) requirements. Form LCR-1033A must be completed and updated every 2 years.

Once the LCR-1033A is complete, you MUST email it to for submission. **DO NOT SEND IN YOUR FORM TO OCLR YOURSELF.**

Providers may choose to go on leave for a variety of reasons, please just email your Area Manager to let them know when you plan to stop billing for an extended period of time. You are welcome to return at any time as long as you keep your provider certifications up to date.

If you have not worked for 90 days (this includes non-work due to suspension) without notice to your manager, you will be considered to have abandoned your job and voluntarily resigned from Absolute HCBS. If you need to take a leave of absence, please let your manager know. Communication is key.  

If you are looking to bill additional hours, you can reach out to your Area Manager. They will help you find additional shifts based on your availability. 

Please note, providers are prohibited from billing more than 16 hours in a 24 hour period, including hours billed in that period with various members, various services and with various agencies.

Overtime is approved on a case-by-case basis. Providers can request overtime (40+ hours per week) from their Area Manager. Once a provider is billing more than 50 hours per week, there is an adjusted hourly overtime rate that goes into affect. This is because the state does not adjust service rates to account for overtime.