Member Do’s

  • Do contact your member’s Area Manager if the provider is not performing satisfactory services.
  • Do let your Area Manager know if there are any changes in services.
  • Do communicate with your provider if there are any changes in services.
  • Do encourage your provider when you catch them doing something well.
  • Do look over timesheets carefully for accuracy before signing.
  • Do invite your provider and Area Manager to ISP meetings.

Member Don’ts

  • Don’t borrow or lend money.
  • Don’t ask providers to perform duties not in accordance with your DDD approved services.
  • Don’t allow your member to jump on the trampoline or swim without a lifeguard on duty while services are being performed.
  • Don’t add or change habilitation goals without first contacting your member’s Support Coordinator. You need to sign a change in ISP form and then send it to the member’s Area Manager.
  • Don’t ask your providers to babysit other children in the home who are not DDD members.
  • Don’t start a new service without verifying authorization of services with your Area Manager.
  • Don’t cross professional boundaries.
  • Don’t tip providers in any form: money, gift certificates, etc.

Frequently asked Member Questions

What is an attendant care monitoring visit and why do I have to do it?

An ATC Monitoring visit is required by DDD to ensure the individual’s needs are being met properly.

It is a simple, brief visit lasting approximately 30 minutes. Our monitor will arrange a time to visit your home when the member, the guardian, and the provider will all be present. The monitor observes while the provider demonstrates a simple, non-intrusive service that is part of ATC such as giving a snack, brushing hair, or tying the member’s shoes.

The monitor will then ask you, the guardian, a few basic questions to make sure you are satisfied with the care and know whom to contact if a need arises.

May I have more than one provider?

Yes, if they are working different shifts. For example, you may have one provider work during the week and another on the weekends, or perhaps one in the morning and another in the afternoons. As long as the work provided fits within the scope of the member isp, having two providers can be beneficial. Unfortunately, we cannot expect providers to be available on demand outside of scheduled shifts. While they may be contacted to cover shifts that are not part of their regular work schedule, they are not obligated to cover the requested shift. Should a member need service during a time that your regular providers are unavailable, please contact your area manager to request a temporary, fill-in provider.

What do I do if my provider cancels a shift?

Your provider should contact their area manager as soon as possible so we can reach out to you and see if you would like a fill in provider to cover the shift. We encourage you to act and contact your area manager just to be sure. We will work to find one of our quality providers to work the shift. You may also simply inform the area manager that no coverage is needed.


Arizona Autism Coalition


Jessica Lewis, Coalition Coordinator

The Arizona Autism Coalition is an inclusive stakeholder organization committed to improving the lives of families, providers, and educators impacted by autism in the state of Arizona. The Arizona Autism Coalition is dedicated to the sharing of resources and information related to autism and working with state agencies towards systems change for the betterment of the community.

P.O. Box 28241, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

(480) 268-1453

Arizona Office for Americans with Disabilities

Contact: Denise Thompson – Coordinator for the State of Arizona

Description: Provides information, referrals, and training to state employees and to the public and private sectors. Also serves as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

100 North 15th Avenue Suite 170, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Tel: (602) 542-6276 | Fax: (602) 543-6163

Arizona Commission for the Deaf and H.O.H.

Contact: Christi Samaniego, Information Resource Coordinator

Provides information and referral regarding deaf and hard of hearing issues. Also has an equipment distribution program for hearing and speech impaired individuals.

1400 W. Washington, Room 126, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Tel: (602) 542-3323 Fax: (602) 542-3380 Tel: (602) 364-0990 TTY


Contact: Louise Bowden

DS Network of Arizona provides advocacy, information, education, and networking for individuals with Down Syndrome and their families.  They are an incredibly special and amazing organization.

PO Box 12495, Tempe AZ 85284

Tel: (480) 759-9150, Fax: (480) 759-9180

Emily Anderson Family Learning Center


Contact: Teresa Boeger

Pediatric consumer health library with materials in English and Spanish. Books checked out for three weeks, videos for one week. Staffed by nurses who can research a health issue and mail to patrons.

1919 East Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Tel: (602) 546-1400, Fax: (602) 546-1409

Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona

Contact: Mary Macleish

Provides information about epilepsy, support groups and educational seminars.

P.O. Box 25084, Phoenix, AZ 85002

Tel: (602) 406-3581, Fax: (602) 406-6147

The Foundation for Blind Children


Contact: Chris Tompkins, Executive Director

A private, non-profit, United Way agency providing education, counseling, media and technology services to blind and visually impaired children, adults and their families. Provides a comprehensive system of services, which will optimize the blind or visually impaired child’s development and consequent opportunities to learn to lead a meaningful and productive life.

1235 E. Harmont Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85020

Tel: (602) 331-1470, Fax: (602) 678-5819

The Autism Society of Greater Phoenix

Contact: Jim Adams, President

Volunteer organization committed to individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families. Helps individuals with autism become participating members of their communities through advocacy, public awareness, education and autism-related research.

P.O. Box 10543, Phoenix, AZ 85064

Tel: (480) 940-1093


The Autism Society of Southern Arizona

The Autism Society of Southern Arizona is the leading voice and resource of the entire autism community in education, advocacy, services, research and support. They accomplish this through close collaboration with a successful network of affiliates, members, and supporters as well as several local non profits.

Located on the Second Floor at the Chidlren’s Clinics, Square and Compass Building

2600 North Wyatt Drive, Tucson, AZ 85712

Phone: 520-770-1541


National Alliance for the Mentally Ill Arizona (NAMI)

Contact: Check website for local contacts.

Resources and support for children and family members whose lives are touched by mental illness Classes/Presentations include “Visions for Tomorrow” and “Parents and Teachers as Allies”.

2110 N. Seventh Street, Phoenix, AZ 85006

Tel: (602) 244-8166, Fax: (602) 244-9264


Raising Special Kids

Contact: Christopher Tiffany, Executive Director

A Parent Training and Information Center for families of children with disabilities and special health care needs. A professional staff of parents and experienced parent-to-parent volunteers, support families of children and youth in central and northern Arizona. Raising Special Kids offers leadership development and training on family-centered care for professionals in medicine, education and social services. Information is available in English or Spanish about local services, special education, early intervention advocacy and special health care needs.

5025 E Washington St #204, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Tel: (602) 242-4366 or (800) 237-3007, Fax: (602) 242-4306

Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona

Contact:  Gina Johnson

Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona provides an uplifting place where parents, families, and community can share the joys and unique challenges of loving a person with Down Syndrome.  Monthly support meetings are held to educate and to empower families lucky enough to have a child with Down Syndrome.

745 N Gilbert Rd #124, Gilbert AZ 85234

Tel: (480)-926-6500


Southern Arizona Network for Down Syndrome

SANDS supports individuals with Down syndrome and their families throughout Tucson and southern Arizona. They offer in-person programs, scholarship opportunities, conferences and more.

PO BOZ 17011, Tucson, AZ 85731


Tel: (520) 312-2030

Special Olympics of Arizona

Contact: Chris Hite, Executive Director

Sports training and competition opportunities from volunteer community based organizations. Individuals eligible 8 and older; considered to have mental retardation and/or have closely related developmental disabilities such as those who have functional limitations, both in general learning and adaptive skills such as recreation, work, independent living, self-direction, or self-care. People with functional limitations based solely on physical, behavioral, emotional, specific learning or sensory disabilities are not eligible.

3816 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85014

Tel: (602) 230-1200, Fax: (602) 230-1110


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