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Access and opportunity for all

At Absolute HCBS, we know that it takes more than respite, habilitation, and attendant care to support people with disabilities. Equity over equality, our unique person-centered approach to home and community-based services supports our members, providers and families from every angle. We are committed to developing, investing and promoting events and programs rooted in advocacy, education, collaboration and community. By empowering our members, providers, and families; we are taking intentional actions to help foster an inclusive and accessible community for all. 

Our focus areas

We can set the stage for a lifetime of self-directed care by participating in advocacy efforts at every level.


  • Legislative & policy change
  • Person-centered planning
  • Elimination of unnecessary service barriers
  • Participation in stakeholder forums, town halls & public comment opportunities

A vast information and referral network fosters a culture of informed decision making rooted in dignity of risk.


  • Guardianship & Legal options
  • Sensory & therapeutic methodology
  • Staff professional development
  • Inclusive post-secondary & employment opportunities
  • Community education opportunities
  • Resource & referral networks

We are more effective when we work together. Bringing together diverse skillsets and resources bridges the service gap.


  • Innovative service delivery
  • Recruitment & retention
  • Member & provider experiences
  • Agency networking 
  • Service expansion
  • Rural services & local involvement

The community around us shapes our day-to-day experiences. Everyone benefits from inclusion and accessibility.


  • Assistive technology
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Inclusive social programs
  • Exercise & nutrition 
  • Caregiver support & respite
  • Individual & family social services


Absolute HCBS is proud to support disability and social service programs across Arizona. We work with local resources to identify, develop, share and host a variety of programs and resources that bridge service gaps within the disability community. 

Our diverse community partners provide support to members, providers and families alike. We come together to create an accessible and inclusive community that supports people of all abilities; by sharing resources, programs and referrals.

All in for Autism