ABSOLUTE HCBS | Can providers bill overtime during this pandemic?
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Can providers bill overtime during this pandemic?

We understand that families are choosing social distancing in various ways, one of which includes having only one provider coming into the home, creating an opportunity for overtime. Policies for overtime requests have not changed. Providers will not be paid for overtime that was not approved. Requests should be submitted in writing to Area Supervisors. The email should include the services provided and how many hours per week will be worked for each service. The Area Supervisor will respond with an approval or denial. Please understand that the state does not reimburse us to pay for overtime so we are limited in what we can approve.
If you are a family with limited natural supports and services are vital to your DDD member, please reach out to your Area Supervisor with up-to-date contact information so they can check in with you regularly to ensure your needs are being met to the best of our abilities.
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