Our family at Absolute HCBS is passionate about what we do. Learn more about our values, and where our dedication to providing quality care in Arizona began.
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About Us

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Absolute HCBS LLC was created on the three principles of providing great customer service, being an excellent place to work, and most of all – providing a valuable service to the individuals with developmental disabilities in Arizona. We make every effort to accommodate the needs of each of our families. We know that the men and women who provide the services to our valued families are the backbones of our company and we deeply value their service and dedication.

Services are delivered through a personalized approach, and we work so that our families will be able to embrace this journey every day, with as much dignity and independence as possible.

We go above and beyond to compassionately serve your loved ones by delivering caring, quality services provided by the entire Absolute family.

We Go Above and Beyond
Ryan Wilcox

Ryan Wilcox

I am from the small town of Preston, Idaho and moved to Arizona in 2001. While here I earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Ottawa University. I’ve worked in this field since 1999 and continue to have a passion for serving this community. Life is filled with my wife and 4 kids, reading, and playing the drums. Since opening our doors in 2009 I’m amazed by how fast we have grown which tells me we are doing things right–we are succeeding at helping others be happy.

Courtney Wilcox

Courtney Mistico

Co-Owner, Chief Financial Officer

I was born in Mesa and have lived in Arizona all my life. I have a degree in Elementary Education with a minor in English Literature. My family is an awesomely eclectic group of 7 going on 8 and we refer to ourselves as the ‘Brady Bunch’. I enjoy traveling, reading, and crafting when I can find the time. A little known tidbit is I lettered in swimming. I’ve been in this field for 12 years and love it as much now as when I began. The relationships that have developed as part of Absolute HCBS add so much to my life and I love seeing how many clients have become sincere friends throughout the years.

Absolute - Family

Lisa Laurence

Chief Executive Officer

Born and raised in Arizona, I first began working with Absolute as a provider in 2009 after having met Ryan four years prior through an agency that was providing services to my son who is on the spectrum. I eventually became an Area Manager, Director of Quality Assurance and Policy Compliance, COO, and now serve as the CEO. I have a B.S. in Elementary Education but my time spent with Absolute has allowed me to grow more confident, helped me to communicate effectively, and taught me how to resolve conflict positively; traits no university could have ever afforded me. In my spare time I enjoy making memories with my husband, Oliver, and our four children through cooking, hiking, attending concerts, and traveling.

Absolute Kim Aguirre

Kim Aguirre

Director of Quality Assurance and Policy

I am a born teacher & helper. In 2000, I graduated from NAU with my bachelor’s degree in elementary education. I taught in the public school system from August 2000 to May 2011, grades 4th, 3rd, & kindergarten. In 2001, I took over a dance studio as a side job. I continue to grow that business today. I love it because it combines my 2 passions, teaching & dance. After I quit my teaching job, in 2011, my sister, Lisa, introduced me to Absolute. I started as a provider for the summer. In 2015, I returned to Absolute as an Office Manager. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter, dancing, and camping.

Absolute Kaliegh Huckey

Kaliegh Huckey

Director of Operations

I was born and raised in beautiful Arizona (minus a few years spent on the big island of Hawaii). I have an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree with concentrations in Sociology and Business from ASU. I started with Absolute HCBS as a provider in 2014 and worked my way up to where I am now. I am deeply passionate about caring for others and it seems that my life has always put me in the position to do so. On the weekends I share my love for scuba diving as a Divemaster through PADI. Someday I hope to be an instructor a bit closer to the equator. I also love to travel, paddleboard and snuggle my Pitbull and Boston Terrier.

Jeremiah Taylor

Assistant Program Developer

Jazari of Absolute HCBS

Jazari (Cecy) Leal

West Valley Español Area Supervisor

I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and moved to the US back in 1986. I was truly excited to become a US Citizen in 2016. I have two sons and 4 grandchildren, all of whom I love very much. I like going to the gym, reading, and dancing. My favorite type of music to dance to is country. I joined Absolute HCBS in 2012 as a provider. I became an Assistant Area Manager in 2015 and enjoy serving our Spanish speaking families. My coworkers are truly like my family and are so special to me. I am very grateful for the opportunities to grow and serve here at Absolute.

Ronny Mays

Ronny Mays

Casa Grande/Coolidge/San Tan Valley Client Supervisor

I was born and raised in Coolidge, Arizona. I am one class away from completing my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice after which I plan to also get a degree in social work. I was drawn to Absolute HCBS because it is a family based job, has a great group of people to work with and for, and I can help and build great relationships with our wonderful members and providers. My favorite hobbies are centered on sports. I am a huge football fanatic. I love watching it on TV, playing it with friends and Fantasy Football. I love 80’s music and movies but I can pick at least one song I like from nearly all genres. I like to build things, I attempt to sing, I help others and the list goes on. My goals are to be the best that I can be in every aspect of life. The thing at the top of my bucket list is for my family and me to visit every lighthouse in this country.

Melody Mays

Melody Mays

Casa Grande/Coolidge/San Tan Valley Provider Supervisor

I was born and raised in Missouri. I came to Arizona in 1978 and started a family and college. My hobbies are music, playing piano and raising silkie chickens. I love my family.

I got into this field when my grandson was born. He has lived in my home for a big part of his life and has autistic tendencies, ADHD, Mild Cognitive Disability and slight Cerebral Palsy. I was working for social services with the State of Arizona and decided to make a career change to familiarize myself with persons with disabilities, so I became a house manager for a local agency. From there I went to work for the DDD for a few years working as a Case Manager. I then worked for an agency as a Program Manager. All this has given me extensive knowledge of different services for persons with developmental disabilities.

A few years ago, I was approached by Absolute HCBS and have never looked back. I love working for Absolute and all of the Absolute family!

Mari Mendoza

Mari Mendoza

West Valley Area Supervisor

Hello! I was born in El Paso, Texas and moved to Arizona in 2001. I hold an Associate’s degree in Family Development from Phoenix College and I have been working with families and children for over 20 years in all areas of child development. This includes being a parent to 3 children—a 19-year-old and a set of 7-year-old twins. Being happily married for 20 years has helped teach me that there is more joy in giving than in receiving. This is one reason I was grateful to join the team at Absolute HCBS in July of 2017. I also enjoy the new challenges and change of pace. I love hiking, camping, bike riding, swimming, and spending time with friends and family. I would love to travel the world learning new cultures, eating new foods and participating in a worldwide Bible-teaching campaign.

Hilari Howard

Hilari Howard

East Valley Area Manager

I was born in New York but raised in Northern California, as the youngest of 5 children.  I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of California, Irvine and lived in beautiful Southern California for about 8 years.  My husband and I moved to Arizona in 2005 to buy a home and raise our already expanding family.  I am a wife of 19 years and a mother of 4 wonderful children. I have a passion for family, friends and serving others.  I have found joy in serving in the community through my children’s schools, my church, and other great organizations.  When I’m not at work, I enjoy teaching fitness classes at the YMCA in San Tan Valley where I have worked part-time for the past 11 years.  I love to cook with my husband and make delicious food for our friends and family!  For the last 3 years, I have led a women’s group at church where I get to organize fun and uplifting events for about 120 women. I was led to Absolute just this year by a dear friend and I feel as though I have found a second home.  I love working with our stellar providers and amazing families. Being a part of this amazing team is so rewarding and a perfect fit for me!

Juan Prescott

Juan Prescott

Tucson/Phoenix Español Area Manager

I was born and partially raised in Mazatlán, Sinaloa in Mexico. My family and I moved to the United States in November of 2004. I moved to Tucson 4 years ago to further my education at the University of Arizona (BEAR DOWN) with a major in Psychology and a minor in childhood development. I then moved to Phoenix in August of 2019 to further explore new opportunities that present themselves to me. I have been a musician for 11 years and am extremely passionate about my music. When I’m not practicing I am spending time with Friends and Family or exploring the beauty of Arizona. I started working with Absolute in January of 2018 and I was led to this position by a fellow Area Manager that I had worked with in the past. Absolute has really become a second family and a career that I am extremely passionate about. I love working with and getting to know all of our stellar provider and wonderful families.

Andrea Courtney bio pic

Andrea Courtney


I was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona and now live in Chandler. My parents are originally from Colorado but moved to Arizona before having kids I have one older brother who lives near my parents with his wife and 3 kids. I am an aunt to an amazing nephew and adorable twin nieces. Most of my time is spent on a pool deck! I am the Head Swim Coach at Basha High School in Chandler, and also a Head Site Coach for the development team at Rio Swim Club. Swimming has always been a passion of mine and being able to help kids achieve their goals is one of the most rewarding things ever! When I am not on deck my spare time is spent with my friends, camping, going to sporting events, or hanging out with my family. I first started working with Absolute as a provider in 2017, but have been working in the field for almost 10 years. I am excited for the opportunity to work as an Assistant Area Manager and Assistant CFO for absolute.

Jose Estefania bio pic

Estefania Jose

Expiration Manager

I have worked for Absolute since the Winter of 2015. I started working as a Provider, then became an Administrative Assistant. I enjoy being outdoors, spending time with my loved ones and going to the movies. The most rewarding part about my job is being part of a company that makes a difference in people’s lives.

Cary Brown bio pic

Cary Brown

HR/Payroll Director

I was born and raised in Southern California in a family of 8 kids. My house was loud and crazy and I loved it. My husband and I moved to Arizona in 2005 and have loved raising our 4 kids here in the Valley. Even though I have half the number of kids my mom did, my house is still loud and crazy and I still love it. I have a passion for music and even majored in vocal performance at Cal State Fullerton. I’ve been known to use my singing as a reward or punishment for my kids at home. I am so incredibly grateful that I found my way into the Absolute family. I love my job and the people I work with.

Kendra Verdoni

Lead Administrative Assistant

Kathy Cartier

Coolidge Administrative Assistant

Miguel Reyes

Tucson Administrative Assistant

I was born in Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico in May 14,1 980. I moved to Tucson in 2008 and continued my studies in Environmental Sciences/Engineering which I began in Villahermosa Tabasco, Mexico. I completed an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences at Pima community College in 2014 and a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of Arizona in 2017.

I started working with Absolute HCBS in 2015 as a provider. I have been a professional guitar player since 2000 and I  currently perform in Tucson with a Latin Fusion band (Santa Pachita). In addition, I have worked as a Math and music  teacher, tutor, USPS carrier assistant and as a caregiver with other companies since I moved to Tucson.

I enjoy traveling, watching movies, hiking, learning new songs and spending time with my two fantastic kids. I started working as an Administration Assistant at Absolute, in June of 2019 and I’m very thankful to my coworkers and everybody in Absolute for being so supportive and welcoming.

I believe in the company’s vision as they support families in every step to overcome common challenges in the lives of their dearest relatives in need. I feel so proud of being part of the Absolute family!

Nancy Villerias

Phoenix Office Manager

Jannelyn Nava

Tucson Office Manager/Tucson Public Relations Assistant

Sunshine Carasco

East Valley Area Supervisor

Fiorenza Michele

Michele Fiorenza

Public Relations

I moved to Arizona from Chicago in 1995 and have never looked back.  Way too cold there!  I graduated from Columbia College with a BA in Photography.  I LOVE taking pictures!  Getting natural expressions from my subjects is my specialty.  I met the owners of Absolute when we were looking for a provider for Princess Leia (Down syndrome).  Her older brother Chandler named her, he is a Star Wars junkie… The Princess has a way of bringing reality into your world with a smile and a hug.  I knew when I was approached to work at Absolute HCBS the timing was ‘absolutely’ right. When helping a family to select a provider, I have a motto: if I wouldn’t trust a provider with my kiddo, then I wouldn’t trust them with yours. I do what I love and I love what I do!

Alexzandra Ocampo

Project Manager

I have lived my whole life in the beautiful and sunny state of Arizona. Growing up I always had a passion for individuals with disabilities. At 16 I entered the workforce as a provider and was able to grow in my passion for this field. I am now the Project Manager at Absolute. This gives me the opportunity to serve the families I love in a different way. I miss being in the field and being directly involved, so if you see me at an event please come say hi!

Adrianna Nava

ATC Monitor

I have lived my whole life in the beautiful and sunny state of Arizona. Growing up I always had a passion for individuals with disabilities. At 16 I entered the workforce as a provider and was able to grow in my passion for this field. I am now the Project Manager at Absolute. This gives me the opportunity to serve the families I love in a different way. I miss being in the field and being directly involved, so if you see me at an event please come say hi!

Ariel Sansom

Content Specialist

In 2016, I graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a dual degree in Mechanical Engineering Propulsion and Astrodynamics. I have been working as a provider for many years, beginning with caring for my sister who has Down syndrome. I have spent time working in day programs, group homes, nonprofit program development and as a paraprofessional. I was excited to welcome the opportunity to assist Absolute HCBS with their website, social media and special design projects in 2019. I am married to Logan, and we have two children, Macy and Benjamin. In my spare time I enjoy sewing and kayaking.

Julia Pacheco

Tempe/Coolidge Office Manager

Courtney Armstead

Tucson Area Supervisor

I was raised in the midwest and moved to Tucson 5 years ago after I decided I needed a change in life. I fell in love with Tucson and started my career in behavioral health working mostly in non profits. I  am currently in school working towards my degree in Social Work When I’m not in school I am spending time with friends or exploring the beauty of Arizona or actively working on smashing the patriarchy and volunteering in social justice causes in Tucson. I started working with Absolute in July  of 2019 as a provider. During my new hire orientation, Juan mentioned an area supervisor position and encouraged me to apply.  Absolute has really become a second family and a career that I am extremely passionate about. I love working with and getting to know all of our stellar provider and wonderful families.

Jesus Bravo

Tucson Español Area Supervisor

Alejandra De Los Santos

West Valley Español Area Supervisor

I was born and raised in California. I moved from San Diego, CA to Arizona in 2017. I joined Absolute HCBS in August of 2018. I have always been passionate about being an advocate for children and adults with disabilities. My background comes from working ABA in classrooms, households, ABA centers, and out in the community. Being part of someone’s life and seeing how my dedication and persistence guided them to hit major goals is the best feeling in the world. Now that I am at Absolute HCBS I can assist both families and providers as a team to achieve success for our consumers. During my free time, I like to be with my family, cook, bake and read!

Thannia Jose Pedro

West Valley Español Administrative Assistant

I have lived most of my life in Arizona. My hobbies include hiking and art. I like sketching just about anything from murals to doodles and work with different types of media. I love animals and the environment. I enjoy going on road trips to explore the scenery and go to different destinations I have never been before. I joined the Absolute family in early July of 2019 and I am happy to be part of a team where I know we can make a difference in so many lives.

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