Empowering and equipping people of all abilities through strong community partnerships, advocacy, and education.

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Absolute HCBS, LLC has provided home and community-based services to eligible individuals with disabilities since 2009. At Absolute HCBS we know that it takes more than just home and community-based services to fully support our members. We match our members and providers in meaningful and equitable partnerships; with an emphasis on person-centered care that lasts. 


We not only understand and support the unique needs of our members, but also those of our parents, guardians, providers, family members and community partners. We meet everyone where they are at, and provide them with a layer of support when it’s needed most through our values of:






We believe in an inclusive community for all, where people can freely participate in it’s spaces, places, opportunities and events.  Built on the principle of equity over equality; everyone, including those with disability, deserve to have their basic needs met. We will achieve this through inclusion, advocacy, respect, and accountability in our home and community-based services.

A message from the CEO

Absolute HCBS has served the members of the ID/DD community since 2009.  As a leading agency in the State of Arizona, we pride ourselves on offering unmatched customer service to guardians members and their valued providers.  Our team understands the complexities of obtaining services through DDD and Arizona Long Term Care and will guide guardians and members through the process with compassion and love.  Our team strives for excellence each and every day in assisting and advocating for each individual’s needs through our person-centered and family-centered approach and long-standing relationships with DDD Support Coordinators.  We guarantee one on one attention from each of our Area Managers and their support staff. 
Our providers likewise receive individualized attention from their Area Manager and soon become an integral part of living Absolute’s vision, mission, and values.  Their dedication to serving their members set us apart from other HCBS agencies and attribute to our high retention and referral rates.  

I am honored and thrilled that you have chosen the Absolute Team to care for your family and loved ones.  Welcome to Absolute!
-Hilari Howard, CEO, Absolute HCBS


Step-by-Step Habilitation

Habilitation is a service designed to increase a member’s ability to learn daily living skills to help them become more independent and improve upon their life skills. Each member has unique and specific habilitation goals. Goals are determined by what the member needs and wants. They could include activities such as learning to use their AAC device, getting enough exercise, cooking simple meals, caring for their pets etc. Strategies for accomplishing these goals and milestones are tracked and monitored by a provider. Habilitation strategies can be incorporated into everyday living activities in fun, innovative ways.

Comprehensive Respite Services

Respite is a service designed to support the member’s parent, primary caregiver and natural supports. Respite provides relief through short term supervisory care. Sometimes, respite is also a break for the member. During respite, the provider simply plays, engages and spends time with the member doing activities that they enjoy. Caregivers can use this time to accomplish things that would ordinarily be hard while caring for a loved on with a disability; and members can use this time to spend time doing activities they enjoy at home or in the community. Some families utilize respite for before & after school care, summer breaks, help getting to/from recreational groups and therapies or to just provide day-to-day assistance.

Specialized Attendant Care

Attendant care is non-medical  assistance for personal care tasks, home tasks, or specialized supervision.  This assistance may include helping a member get dressed, eat, use the bathroom, mobility assistance, help with hygiene, light cleaning, grocery shopping, medication pick up, and laundry. These tasks are designed to help the individual attain and maintain personal cleanliness, activities of daily living, and safe  and sanitary living conditions in the least restrictive environment of their home.

Person-Centered Planning

Person-centered planning is the mindset that places the member at the center of their services. It helps the member receive their services through a social model of care instead of a medical model of care. Person-centered plans are developed based on empowering the member to plan their own life, through self-determination and inclusion. Throughout our service delivery, we are constantly adapting to the unique needs of our members so that they receive the supports they not only need, but want. This can only be accomplished by investing back into our members through workforce development, family support and community engagement. We recognize that we can only meet the needs of our members by supporting them as individuals, giving them the opportunity the set the tone for their service delivery and experience.

Become a Member

Our habilitation, respite, and attendant care services go above and beyond just day-to-day service delivery or your typical provider relationships. Not only will your loved one receive compassionate, high-quality care; but your whole family will be supported with our education, advocacy and engagement activities. From applying for services to matching your loved one with a provider, we will support you every step of the way with personal care and attention. 

Reach out to an Area Manager to get started as a member:

Become a Provider

We encourage individuals, ages 18+, to apply to become a provider for an individual with a developmental disability. There are many benefits to becoming a provider:

  • Form a meaningful relationship while you assist a member with reaching their milestones, achievements, and day-to-day life.
  • Absolute pays for all necessary training & training time!
  • Gain experience for future positions in healthcare, education, social services and more.
  • Flexible hours; full-time, part-time or seasonal hours available!
  • Paid sick time & paid travel time between members.
  • Competitive rates, incentive programs and bonuses!
& so much more…



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