Our Public Relations Team has some great news to share with you!

For several years, Absolute HCBS has been a proud supporter of the Down Syndrome Network. As part of our support, we have offered complimentary respite services at various workshops, programs and outings. This allows everyone to be able to participate in their informative and supportive community programs. We are incredibly proud of our leadership who continue to lead our agency and support our outreach efforts with their hearts and souls. This year, Absolute HCBS is listed in DSNetwork’s 2019 Community Impact Report (as the only Agency!) under the Teen and Tween Up program. You can read the widely shared report here.

Absolute HCBS provides complimentary respite care at various DSNetwork events, programs and workshops. This allows families to be able to participate in DSNetwork’s community programs, where parents can learn more about how to support their loved ones with Down syndrome and individuals have the opportunity to engage in meaningful community-based programs to learn new skills and build friendships. This photo was taken from DSNetwork’s quarterly Sibshop program, where our wonderful providers helped young siblings make tye-dye shirts.