If you are learning more about HCBS programs and agencies across Arizona, you might be confused by some of the terminologies. To support you on your journey, here are some of the most common terms defined.
Respite – Respite gives the parent/guardian a chance to accomplish things that would ordinarily be much more difficult while caring for someone with a disability.  Respite can be used to have a date night, take a nap, go shopping, spend time with your other children, or even to have an extra set of hands supporting your loved one while in the community.
Habilitation – Habilitation is a service designed to help individuals to learn daily living skills to help them become more independent. We work on goals and objectives with each consumer ranging from learning to tie shoes or using the bathroom to riding the bus to work. Strategies for goals and objectives are written for each consumer based on his/her needs and are highly individualized.
HCBS – HCBS is Home and Community-Based Services.
Attendant care –  Attendant care is non-medical personal care assistance.  This assistance may include helping the consumer get dressed, eat, use the bathroom, help with hygiene, light cleaning, and laundry all related specifically to your loved one.
High Five – This is a term that is used by the Absolute HCBS team. We love to celebrate the successes of people within our family and we encourage our providers, families, and staff to “give a High Five” to people when they go above and beyond. Visit our High Five page to nominate someone.
Area Manager – At Absolute HCBS, an Area Manager is the person that will support you throughout your journey. If you are a provider, your Area Manager will work with you for training, certifications, time sheets and matching you with the right family. If you are a family, the Area Manager will work with you to find the right provider, stay apprised of events, connect with your community, and support you with questions along the way.
If you have any questions, or want to learn more about any of the services above or to learn more about Absolute HCBS, please contact your Area Manager!

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