So, you’ve been doing some research and stumbled upon our website. You’re intrigued, and you think we might be able to help you and your family, but you’re not quite sure exactly what HCBS means. This blog explains what exactly HCBS is and how Absolute provides HCBS services throughout Arizona.
By definition, HCBS is home and community-based services. These provide opportunities for people with developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, and mental illnesses to receive care and services in their own homes instead of isolated settings. Here at Absolute HCBS, we are focused on providing care for people with developmental disabilities in Phoenix and Tucson.
Absolute HCBS serves as an agency where we serve both the families requesting the services and the providers who are giving the service. When someone joins our team as a provider, we ensure that they are certified and trained to provide the best services to the families who have trusted Absolute.
Our providers work with families to perform services like habilitation, respite, and attendant care. We work with our providers, and member families, to ensure that all of the duties being performed are in accordance with the DDD Approved Services.
If you have additional questions about HCBS or the work that is done by the Absolute HCBS team, please contact one of our Area Managers to learn more.