Absolute HCBS was founded on the three principles of providing great customer service, being an excellent place to work, and providing a valuable service to individuals with developmental disabilities in Arizona.  We know there are many options when searching for a habilitation or respite provider in the valley, and we pride ourselves on being different than the rest of them.

  • We are responsive. We know that when you need support from your team or agency,  you typically need that support right away. We make an effort to respond to all emails and phone calls within 24 hours (and usually a lot quicker than that). When you pick up the phone to call anyone on the Absolute team, you can trust that we will be responsive, that we will listen, and that we will support you.
  • We are involved in our community. We love being a part of the community throughout Arizona. You will often see our team at Autism and Down Syndrome Walks, sponsoring community events, hosting parties for our providers and families, or speaking at conferences and events to share our knowledge. Throughout Phoenix, Tucson, and Pinal County we are a part of our community because it’s our family, and we couldn’t imagine it any other way.
  • We pay higher and allow our providers to own their certifications. When a provider begins working with Absolute HCBS, we support them through the process of obtaining the necessary certifications. Should a provider decide to move on from Absolute after working with us for a time, we allow them to take those certifications with them, because it speeds the transition of service to the next individual in need. And that’s what matters—a heart of service. We greatly value the work our providers do on a daily basis to support our families, and we pay higher than most agencies across the valley to show that appreciation.
  • We have dedicated Area Managers. As a family working with Absolute HCBS, or as a provider, you will have a dedicated Area Manager who you can call or email directly with any questions or concerns. Our Area Managers are there for you and love working closely with our providers and families.
  • We provide support for the whole family. We know that having a child with a developmental disability impacts your whole family, and we are dedicated to supporting everyone in your family. We have a Facebook page that is dedicated to supporting siblings, and we offer events that the whole family is invited to.

If you are interested in learning more about the services provided by Absolute HCBS, or interested in learning more about working with us a provider – please contact your Area Manager to start a conversation. We look forward to having you a part of the Absolute HCBS family.

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