Many schools across Arizona recently celebrated their 100th day of class! The 2017-2018 school year is flying by, and summer will be back before we know it! At Absolute HCBS, we a proud to provide support every step of the way along this journey, especially for something as important as education. Here are our tips for finishing the school year strong!
Here are some tips for our parents:

  1. Attend your conference or schedule time to be in contact with your student’s teacher.

    Conferences are a great time to meet face to face with the teach and discuss any concerns, anything they can help you with, or to check in on progress. Many schools have conferences multiple times a year, but if yours doesn’t, or if you are unable to attend, give the school a phone call and schedule a time to connect!

  2. Freshen Up the School Supply Stash.

    The beginning of the school year can always be so exciting with new pencils, notebooks, and paper. If you are able, buy a new pencil or notebook to help your student’s school work feel “fresh” again. You don’t need to buy all your supplies again, but sometimes just a little new something can improve a school attitude.

  3. Connect with your team.

    There is a team of people helping every family finish the school year strong. Do you need more support from the state? Let us know! Have a new goal you want to share with your provider, give them a call! Do you have something you want to celebrate? Submit a high five! We are absolutely (get it?) here for you!

  4. Celebrate their progress.

    Think about where your student was at the beginning of the school year. It’s AMAZING the progress that can be made in just one year. Celebrate that, appreciate that. Of course, there are still goals that you’re working on, but take time to appreciate the progress that has been made too.

Best of luck to all of the students and their parents in the Absolute family as they work through the final months of this school year!

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