Happy New Year to all our respite and habilitation providers and our families!  We are so proud of everyone in the Absolute HCBS family, and we are wishing everyone the best in 2018. The start of a new year is always a great opportunity to sit down and create some goals for the upcoming year. Here are some tips for setting goals for the new year.

  1. Think about where you want to be at the end of the year or the things that you want to accomplish in the next 12 months and work backward. Beginning with the end in mind is a great way to draw a roadmap to get there.
  2. Talk to the people closest to you. For example, someone like a provider, a parent, or a teacher might be able to provide amazing insight into goal setting. These people are often able to see your strengths and abilities clearer than even yourself can see, and it’s a great chance to get the perspective of your team to build on.
  3. Create a few very specific goals. Instead of focusing on everything that you could possibly want to accomplish in the new year, focus on a few of the things that mean the most to you or the few things that could have the most impact in your world (or on the world of those around you!)
  4. Find a way to work these goals into your routines. A big goal might seem extremely daunting at the beginning of the new year, but find a way to work on this goal daily or weekly into your regular routine and soon you will be making more progress than you could have ever imagined.
  5. Share your goal! Accountability is a huge factor in the success of a goal. Share your goal with your team and ask these people to support you and to hold you accountable towards your progress.

No matter your chosen goal — we are here to support you too! We would love it if you would share with us in the comments your goals for 2018.

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