When letting someone into your home, and into your family- it’s important to make sure you’re finding the right fit. Finding the right provider often starts with choosing the right agency. So, where do you start in evaluating an agency? We recommend first starting with these three: find an agency that is stable, discovery why an agency is in this field, and evaluate the size of an agency.

Find an agency that is stable

Look at how long an agency has been in business, and evaluate if they are stable. A stable agency will be able to stand through the ever-changing political environments and will be able to support their providers and their families through changes in regulations and employment laws as well. Another sign of stability within an agency is looking at how much they pay their providers. Often, the rates they pay will show an agency’s values and will indicate how they treat both their providers and their families. Higher pay for providers also reduces turnover and creates a more committed environment for your family.

Learn why an agency is in this field

Find an agency, or a team of people, who are dedicated and are in this business for the right reasons. Too often, families are in a rush to fill the need of finding a provider, and they end up settling for speed rather than quality. It is worth it to do a bit more research, take a bit more time, and ask the right questions before committing to work with an agency. As a family, seek out an agency that is passionate about their work, that is involved in the community, provides a support system and will work as an advocate for you and your family. As a provider, find an agency that cares about you as an employee, one that will allow you to have ownership of your certifications, and one that pays you at the rate you deserve.

Evaluate the size of the agency

Even though it might sound a bit like Goldilocks, finding an agency that is not too big, and not too little is important. Look for an agency that is big enough to take care of their providers and families, and is big enough to adapt to political changes, but is small enough that you will always get a phone call back. Truthfully, it’s probably more about the size of the heart of the business, than it is about the actual size of the agency. There are countless benefits for working with a large agency but look at whether they are big just because they’ve been around for a long time, or if they are big because they are rock stars at what they do.
Use these three tips as a starting point for evaluating and finding the right agency for you or your family. Remember, that you have many choices in this space, and it’s always alright to ask questions and gain additional information if you are thinking about making a change. As always, if you have any questions please contact our Area Managers.