The relationship between siblings is one of the strongest bonds. Even though siblings often have their own set of difficulties, a sibling relationship is a lifetime connection of always having a friend around.
Many siblings of people with developmental disabilities don’t realize that it is possible for them to get paid to care for their brother or sister. If the sibling providing the care is over 18, they can get set up through an agency like Absolute HCBS to provide habilitation, respite, or attendant care.
The day to day life of a provider varies greatly, but it can truly be one of the most rewarding experiences that one can have. To work as a provider, an older sibling will need to have Article 9 certification and be trained in CPR, First Aid, and receive habilitation training. Our agency provides these resources and training to our providers.
If a sibling is interested in becoming a provider, the best first step is to get in touch with an agency like ours. Contact one of our Area Managers today to learn more about the process. We are also able to provide some guidance in working with the state to arrange care and hours for those with developmental disabilities.
Our families always see a lot of improvement when they build a relationship with a provider, the relationship with a provider who is a sibling can go even deeper and be incredibly beneficial to the family. For more information, please contact Absolute HCBS today!

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