What are these High Fives about?
At Absolute HCBS, we love to celebrate big milestones, little achievements and everything in between. That’s why we’ve created our High Five Program. We love acknowledging the great work that is being done every day. We also like to find excuses to reward our employees for going above and beyond. Click here if you would like to give a high five.
Here are some awesome high fives we want to highlight!
Caleb C.
“Caleb got on stage in front of the whole school and participated in the talent show with his friends. High Five Caleb for your courage and awesome dance moves!” -Caleb’s Friend
Click here to watch the video of Caleb’s awesome performance!
Leia’s Crew at Halloween
“I was soooooo happy they (Cassie, Taylor, and Savannah) showed up and dressed like the cast of Frozen.  I cried tears of joy that she was going out trick-or-treating with her friends rather than li’l ole mom/dad. This is what I want all families to have in their lives, loving, caring providers who understand how to include their clients in normal live experiences. Thank you girlies from the bottom, top, and middle of my heart.” -Leia’s Mom
Susan. H
“I want to give a high 5 to Susan! She has been my son Sam’s provider for about 17 years! Sam is 23 and she started Respite and Hab with him in Kindergarten. She is such a blessing for us! He is part of her family and she is part of our family now after so long. She even has a photo album that shows Sam’s development over the years. In the early years, she would bring it to IEP meetings to keep Sam interested and prevent disruptive behavior. We love our special angel, Miss Sue!” -Sam’s Mom
Chandler F.
“We are very lucky that Leia’s older brother loves her so much that he decided to be a fill in provider for her.  It really is a match made in heaven.  Thanks Chandler for loving your sister like a sister. (Yes, they do have a lil sibling rivalry, but only over who gets more frozen yogurt).” -Leia’s Mom
Remember to share you high fives here for a chance to win prizes and join in the celebrations! Great work to all our families and providers.

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